Alkaline Fuel Cells

GenCell Energy develops unique Alkaline Fuel Cell (AFC) solutions in the 5kW+ range.  Using the ultra-reliable and exhaust-free technology that powered the American space program, GenCell Energy provides affordable, clean backup power for rail, telecom, homeland security, oil & gas, electric & water utility and other mission-critical applications. 

*RedHawk Energy Systems is a strategic partner of GenCell Energy in the United States. 

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Alkaline Fuel Cells (AFC) were developed in 1959 by Francis Thomas Bacon.  Using an alkaline electrolyte such as potassium hydroxide (KOH) in water and cathodes usually made with platinum*.  AFCs are very efficient and offer virtually instant operation without pre-heating, even at sub-zero temperatures.  AFCs have been used by the NASA space program to produce electricity and drinking water. 

An AFC is comprised of a pair of porous electrodes - a positively charged cathode and a negatively charged anode - separated by an alkaline electrolyte (KOH).  Air, containing oxygen, is fed to the cathode gas chamber where it reacts with water to produce four OH-ions and four positive charges.  The OH-ions, attracted by the anode, pass from the cathode through the KOH electrolyte.  Hydrogen, fed to the anode, reacts with the OH-ions to form molecules of water and negative charges.  The electrons are attracted by the positive charge on the cathode and are forced through an external circuit as an electric current.  The reaction produces usable heat and water as a byproduct. 


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*GenCell Energy's Alkaline Fuel Cells utilize a platinum-free catalyst for increased cost savings. 


Eco-Friendly*Eco-Friendly Design

Alkaline Fuel Cells are an emissions-free "green" power generation technology. 


Alkaline Fuel Cells (AFC) are among the most efficient types of fuel cells, reaching up to 60% efficiency (up to 87% combined heat and power).  By comparison Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEM) are 40-50% efficient and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) are 55-60%.

*Platinum-Free Catalyst

Reduces capex and opex with no expensive noble metals used in design/production of GenCell Fuel Cells. 

Hydrogen Tanks*Powered by Industrial Grade Hydrogen (99.95%)

Can be powered with industrial grade hydrogen (99.95%) compared to some PEM Fuel Cells that require medical grade hydrogen (99.99%) for operation. 

*Capable of Creating Hydrogen-On-Demand from Anhydrous Ammonia

Recognizing that the limitations of today’s hydrogen infrastructure keep the cost of hydrogen prohibitively expensive as a fuel for primary power, GenCell has developed a revolutionary process that allows you to create hydrogen-on-demand from anhydrous ammonia (NH3) at 10 times the efficiency of other solutions and without any outside electrical power. This breakthrough enables GenCell to provide the first viable green primary power solution for off-grid and poor-grid telecom as well as rural electrification—at a cost less than diesel solutions.

*Cold Climate Performance

Uses a liquid electrolyte (KOH) and has a freezing temperature of -40°C (-40°F), enabling it to rapidly start in both warm and sub-freezing conditions.  This contrasts with PEM and other membrane fuel cells that hydrate their membranes with water and need to operate above 0°C (32°F) or be placed in a heated and insulated enclosure to maintain operation.

Models Available

GenCell BOX™

GenCell BOX

The GenCell BOX™ 5kW long-duration backup power solution provides a compact, resilent and emission-free source of backup power designed especially for critical telecommunications and other mission-critical applications. 

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GenCell REX™

GenCell REX

The GenCell REX™ is available in three configurations - 130VDC, 48VDC and dual 130/48VDC output in a single unit to support both substation loads and communications systems.

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GenCell FOX™

GenCell FOX

The GenCell FOX™ 4kW power solution unleashes the power of fuel cells by using an economical and easily accessible liquid fuel - ammonia - to provide emission-free, reliable energy.  The GenCell FOX™ is ideal for use in remote locations that lack grid access or where the grid is unstable for backup. 

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Clean, "green" power generation is becoming more important as organizations look for ways to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and meet sustainability initiatives.  GenCell's Fuel Cells are a proven, eco-friendly and long-life alternative to legacy gas/diesel generators capable of providing standalone off-grid power or extended-run backup power for mission critical infrastructure.   

Rail Telecom

Rail Telecom

Solar Hybrids
Telecom Base Stations
Disaster Prepardness

Commercial Facilities


Sustainability / ESG Initiatives
Corporate Facilities
Light Manufacturing
Schools & Colleges
Nursing Homes



Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP)
Base Stations
Cellular Networks
Internal Emergency Systems

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Grid-Tie "Green" Backup Power
Off-Grid Hybrid Power

Electric & Water Utilities

Electric Utilities

Utility Substations
Internal Communication Networks
Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Pump Stations

Oil & Gas Utilities

Oil & Gas Utilities 

SCADA Equipment
Remote Telemetry
Measurement Systems
Methane Reduction Systems
Field Automation/Instrumentation


GenCell Energy, based in Israel was founded in 2011 and today is a leading manufacturer and developer of Alkaline Fuel Cell solutions (5kW+).  Using the ultra-reliable and exhaust-free technology that powered the American space program, GenCell provides affordable, clean backup power for critical infrastructure markets. 

RedHawk Energy is currently a strategic partner of GenCell Energy in the United States. 

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