Energy Storage Solutions

Batteries play a vital role within your critical power system.  All batteries are not created equal.  We can provide both nickel cadmium (ni-cd) and lead acid batteries as components of our power systems. Our parent company - Arthur N. Ulrich Company is an authorized Saft manufacturer's representative agency in the territories of OH, KY, IN, WV, MI, Western PA, and the North American railroad market.

Saft™ Ni-Cd Batteries

Faced with complex charge/discharge cycling patterns imposed by the unpredictability of weather, the high cycling capabilities of the batteries we can offer provide reliable power for solar, wind and other stand-alone applications, even in remote locations and harsh environments. 

BatteriesSaft™ Ni-Cd Batteries are purpose designed to provide the ideal energy storage for RES (Renewable Energy Systems) such as PV (photovoltaic) and wind power applications. The™ offers a number of advantages beyond the limits of conventional batteries:

PDF Saft™ Ni-Cd Data Sheet
PDF Saft™ Ni-Cd I&O Manual
PDF Saft™ Ni-Cd MSDS Sheet

Firefly® Oasis Group 31 VRLA Batteries

Firefly OasisFirefly International Energy's® Oasis Group 31 VRLA batteries utilize patented Microcell Foam Technology that is designed for repeated deep discharges and high power applications in which maximum runtimes are needed to very low state of charge.  The technology also minimizes typically battery damage due to sulfation, has excellent low temperature performance and significant cycle life at very high depths-of-discharge.

PDF Firefly® Oasis 12V G31 Data Sheet

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