RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC is a value-added manufacturing subsidiary of the Arthur N. Ulrich Company. Since the early 1980's, RedHawk Energy has helped commercial and industrial customers tackle their critical prime and back-up power challenges with innovative solutions ranging from a few watts to several kilowatts. Our customers include virtually every Class 1 railroad in North America, shortline railroads, transit agencies, upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas companies, telecommunication companies, shipping companies, government agencies, Fortune 500 & 1000 corporations and many others.

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August 2020 - Deployment of P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to Gulf Coast Region

P250i Solid Oxide Fuel CellsOne of our rail customers near the Gulf Coast has proactively deployed our P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to protect critical wayside assets along their mainline track in the event of an extended power outage due to hurricanes/tropical storms that are prone to affect the area.

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PDF Case Study - SOFCs Provide Extended-Run Backup Power Protection 

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