RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC is a value-added manufacturing subsidiary of the Arthur N. Ulrich Company. Since the early 1980's, RedHawk Energy has helped commercial and industrial customers tackle their critical prime and back-up power challenges with innovative solutions ranging from a few watts to several kilowatts. 

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Power Solutions

RedHawk Power Solutions

We specialize in advanced power generating technologies and over the years have been a leader in deploying these technologies to critical infrastructure markets. Our solutions include solar & wind systems, fuel cells, stirling engines, ultracapacitor systems, long life generators and more!

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Markets We Serve

RedHawk Power Solutions

Our customers include virtually every Class 1 railroad in North America, shortline railroads, transit agencies, upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas companies, telecommunication companies, shipping companies, government agencies and many others.

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Switch Boost™ 120V System

Switch Boost 120V System 

Our all-new and patent-pending Switch Boost™ 120V System utilizes one or two Ultracapacitor modules to provide enhanced power for high voltage railway power switches. The Switch Boost™ 120V System can dramatically improve the performance and reliability of railway power switches.

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